For the longest time I have admired the huge range of different backpacks from MCM, the subtle monogramming effect combined with a timeless design had always attracted my attention. Finally I managed to acquire one and add it to my collection. I got the 2021 MCM STARK MINI BACKPACK with Studs in size small, which is unisex. For my latest post I felt it was my duty for me to share my opinion of it with my readers in a review. Check it out below.

The shape of the MCM Stark Backpack is mostly typical of any backpack you are ever likely to see, either high street or premium. However, it is something that follows that classic proverb “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”.

Despite this, MCM have included the unique option of choosing various sizes for the same style, giving a slight edge on the majority of the competition. Available in X-Mini, Mini, Small, Medium and Large. I personally opted for the small size to complement my more modest body size better. I did consider the medium (purely for practicality, to fit more stuff inside!) but after viewing the medium worn by others, I came to the conclusion that it mostly dwarfed the wearer. This was mostly evident if they were smaller framed, sometimes it gave the illusion they were a turtle wearing its shell! As it turns out, and you can see in the photos, the size small is ideal for me.

In summary for this review, I am 100% happy with my MCM Stark backpack! Easy on the eye with its stunning design, plenty of internal space for day to day use and very durable thanks to its material composition! If you are in the market for a premium backpack, I wholeheartedly recommend one from the MCM range, with or without studs as it depends on what you’re looking for. Are you a fan of designer luggage, is it something you would buy? Please let me know in the comments below!