PURSEBLOG ASKS Are Belt Bags Still Considered a Trend?

In the mid 2010s we began to see a sudden surge in the availability of backpacks. Designers, both contemporary and luxury alike, began to include the incredibly functional carryall in their lineups and for good reason. Though many people proclaim that backpacks are too juvenile, reminding them of pre-pubescent school days when the silhouette was meant to hold textbooks, notebooks and a lunchbox, it’s easy to see why the backpack has become a go-to pick.

It’s functional (allowing a user to be handsfree), typically lightweight, and to top it off, backpacks can be one of a designer brand’s more affordable options. Regardless of why, it’s no secret that the backpack has stuck around, and a few years after its resurgence, we proclaimed that the backpack was here to stay. Standing the test of time (they’re still readily available at most of our favorite brands), backpacks have moved far beyond the trend phase and have remained a staple, both at stores and in our closets.

But what about the backpacks equally functional, and often just as lightweight little sister, the belt bag? Have belt bags reached staple status yet, or are they still riding out the trend cycle before they head off to bag heaven, just waiting to be brought back from the dead?

Let’s discuss.

The modern day fanny pack, known more commonly as the belt bag, first burst back onto the scene, over two years ago, after years of attempts. Our former editor Amanda reported on the functional silhouette’s resurgence, stating that for years fashion folk have been trying to make belt bags happen, and even though we all thought they weren’t going to happen, they did.

It’s not hard to understand why the shape was so easily consumed. A good belt bag ticks off 3 categories: fashion, function and versatility. Not to mention, the right one can last in a wearer’s closet for years to come. Unsurprisingly, almost 3 years later, belt bags remain a go-to for handbag lovers who want an easy-to-wear shape that is equally as functional as it is fashionable. And while the belt bag is still a thing, is 3 years long enough to call it a wardrobe staple? I think so.

Personally, I think the belt bag is here to stay, but like the backpack, I think it’s popularity will eventually start to wane, remaining an option for consumers but not being the it-shape of the moment. And as we begin to review designer’s newest collections, it seems this decline has already begun, with belt bags showing up in much smaller capacities on the spring 2021 runways. Check out the latest belt bags below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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