Loving Lately: Warm and Cozy Bags for Fall 2020

Like it or not, winter is on the horizon, and if you live in the northeast like me, this inevitability is impossible to ignore for a few reasons. The last week or so we’ve already gotten a taste of temps in the low 40s and high 30s and with the early evening darkness that comes with daylight savings time it really feels like summer is behind us. Though we’ve still got another month of fall, with the chilly November temps comes the revival of our winter wardrobes—think big sweatshirts, cozy sweaters and all the fleece jackets. The fleece and fuzzy jacket trend has been huge the last few years, and if you’d like to take the trend one step further, you can tote your belongings around in the coziest of carries as well. Last month we introduced you to Dior’s super-soft new iteration of its beloved Saddle bag, but of course there are plenty of other ways to tap into this trend too. Check out our finds below!

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